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Mayson-Dixon is a business development and public affairs firm that specializes in strategic planning for government agencies, non-profits, political leaders, and community developers. Our hands-on, creative approach based on research, data, and partnerships helps us achieve results for our clients and enhance the bottom line.

Princeton Strategies LLC is now the Political Affiliate of Mayson Dixon. Princeton Strategies operates with the philosophy that every race matters and strives to work with our clients every step of the way as they build their campaign operations. With decades of experience in all facets of political campaign management, the professionals at Princeton Strategies aim to guide your political campaign or organization to new heights. We are not just a political consulting firm; we are your team!

What We Bring to the Table

We want to focus on the growth of your organization. Your success is our success. The following are the services we offer to get you to where you want to go:

Business Development and Management
Jayson announcing a newly created international investment program on behalf of Prince George’s County.

Jayson welcoming the crowd at Thirsty for Business Thursday. The hottest business networking event in Prince George’s County.

Running a business is tough, sometimes thankless work. Our firm can help your company increase its bottom line by doing the following:

  • Strategic staffing & intern/fellowship attraction
  • Resource and time management
  • Effective use of government incentive programs (workforce, financing, relocation, etc.)
  • Crisis management
  • Database creation and management
  • Community activism and philanthropy
  • Strategic political giving
  • International business development & procurement
  • Local, state and federal certifications
Community Development and Advocacy

Finding the right partner that knows the political, government, community or the literal landscape is tough. We specialize in helping corporations, non-profits, PAC’s, advocacy organizations and others looking to impact public policy. It’s our job to have or build the relationships to help you through the process of reaching your goals especially when entering a new market. When it comes to issues like land use or re-development, no community development or advocacy program is the same. These are some of the tactics we will use to help achieve community education and support:

  • Research and identification of key stakeholders, influencers, partners and community leaders
  • Research based message creation & high impact communication programs
  • Developing grassroots contact programs (canvass, phone and social media)
  • Identification of key individual, group and organizational support
  • Coalition building
  • Creation and execution of a person to person education program
  • Creation, organization and execution of events, meetings and town hall style events
  • Creation of databases and information useful to the client moving forward
Government Enhancement and Partnerships
Jayson presenting newly appointed St. Mary’s College of Maryland President, Tuajuanda Jordan, 2014 with a proclamation from County Executive Rushern L. Baker, III.

Jayson presenting newly appointed St. Mary’s College of Maryland President, Tuajuanda Jordan, 2014 with a proclamation from County Executive Rushern L. Baker, III.

In the world of shrinking budgets governments are being forced to do more with less. Partnerships with business, non-profit, and community leaders are becoming increasingly important and crucial to success. Our style of out-of-the-box thinking will help you to achieve your government’s goals. Often government can find itself working in silos, which is no individual’s fault, but a result of the bureaucracy that is created within each agency. Our team has experience in reviewing that bureaucracy and developing programs and partnerships both internally and externally to provide better service and results for customers. Governments can operate like businesses and this is how we can help:

  • Creation & execution of corporate citizenship programs
  • Community & business outreach program creation and execution
  • Creation of interagency programs that foster partnerships between government leaders
  • Effective business retention, growth and expansion strategies
  • Branding & marketing
  • Strategic policy consulting
  • International mission planning & execution
Non-Profit Fundraising

As my father said, people give to people. Your non-profit might change the world everyday but if you’re looking to grow beyond the traditional donors or excite your donors to give more you need to build strategies that will get you there. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Board growth & development
  • Capital campaign strategies & steering committee Management
  • Donor development
  • Stakeholder relationship management & development
  • Identification and cultivation of new prospects
Special Events Management

SpecialEventsEvery event should be special. Something that galvanizes your base while attracting new individuals to be involved. Our team has planned events from small gatherings of key individuals to large festivals with thousands:

  • Overall planning and management
  • Site selection & contract negotiation
  • Identifying and securing corporate partners
  • Earned media plan and execution
  • Vendor selection and management
  • Database management & maintenance
General Political Consulting

Whether you are an incumbent, first-time candidate, ballot issue campaign, or longstanding political organization, you deserve to be given consultation backed by decades of campaign experience. When you hire Princeton Strategies, you hire a team with vast insight into the mechanisms of electoral politics that will provide advice you can trust. We assist our political clients in a multitude of departments:

  •         Campaign Plan Development
  •         Candidate Recruitment and Training
  •         Vendor and Staff Hiring
  •         Budgeting
  •         General Campaign Strategy
  •         Campaign Messaging
  •         Targeting
  •         Campaign Communications/Press Relations
  •         Opposition and Self Research
  •         Direct Mail and Paid/Earned Media Strategy
  •         Digital and Social Media
  •         Legal Compliance
Fundraising/Finance Consulting

Raising money is one of the most difficult but crucial aspects of running a political operation. It is one that many candidates and organizations struggle with, but Princeton Strategies prides itself in helping its clients reach their short and long term financial goals:

  •         Campaign Finance Plan Development
  •         Call Time Management
  •         Donor List Cultivation and Management
  •         Donor Research
  •         Fundraiser Planning and Execution
  •         Event Logistics
  •         Campaign Finance Reporting and Compliance
Field/Grassroots Consulting

Elections are often won on the ground through the hard work of the campaign’s staff and volunteers, but this success does not come overnight. Developing an effective grassroots plan for a campaign takes effort and cultivation, and Princeton Strategies specializes in crafting effective and informed field strategies for its clients:

  •         Campaign Field Plan Development
  •         Electoral Projections and Analysis
  •         Candidate Field Staffing
  •         Precinct-Level Targeting
  •         Volunteer and Staff Training
  •         Voter Contact Strategy and Activities
  •         Script Creation
  •         Voter File and Data Management
  •         Field Event Planning and Execution
  •         GOTV/Election Day Planning and Execution
  •         Paid Field Operations